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Capture GPS and Timestamp

  • Caputure GPS, timestamp
  • Thirdparty record storage
  • Watermarked photos
  • Digital DCA report
  • Compliant with 6 RCNY ยง 2-233b


  • Print affidavits from service info captured from the app
  • 100% customizable affidavit templates

Easy to Add Jobs

Either Add Jobs on the Mobile App


To bulk import and export data via csv files or excel spreadsheets. Direct FTP intergration. If you are working with tech savy companies you can also use our API (Application Programing Interface) in directly interact with our system.


ProcessCase Mobile is a mobile app to capture GPS, timestamp, photos and other service information for legal process professionals. The information captured can be accessed on our web platform or export to other software vendors via our bulk export feature or API (Application Programming Interface) has being serving legal process industry for about ten years. We always strive to use modern and relevant technologies to simplify service legal process professionals. We are the first one to developed a legal process mobile application when iPhone was first introduced.

ProcessCase Mobile


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